About Us

The TAG Group of Companies is comprised of the following

– TAG Funds Management Oü, Estonia a fully regulated Financial Institution
– TAG World Exchange Ltd (Ireland)
– TWEX Ltd, UK,
– TWEX Succursal Portugal,
– TWEX India,
– TWEX Holland,
– TWEX Israel,
– TAG Investment Bankers Ltd (UK)
– And TAG Partners Ltd the main holding company

The management team of our Group has over 300 years of combined experience in various fields such as: Investment Banking, Financial Technology (FinTech), Banking and Financial Services, Alternate Investment Management (AIM), Innovative and Disruptive Technologies (such as Blockchain, Hyper ledger, etc.)  Marketing, IT, Sales, Programming, Alternative Finance, Accounting and Management.

TAG Funds Management Oü, register code 14628147, is licensed as a financial institution under licence number FFA000369.