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Who We Are ?

The management team of our Group has many years of combined experience in various fields such as: Investment Banking, Financial Technology (FinTech), Banking and Financial Services, Alternate Investment Management (AIM), Innovative and Disruptive Technologies (such as Blockchain, Hyper ledger, etc.) Law, Marketing, IT, Sales, Programming, Alternative Finance, Accounting, C Level Corporate Management and Management Consultancy.


We are a group of Finance professionals located the World over who have witnessed first-hand all problems associated with private investments as well as the problems associated in investing in private companies.

There are four main pillars to our group:

TAG Funds Management Oü is a licensed financial institution in the EU that has a special emphasis on raising funds for the Life Science Sector (non-exclusively) using the blockchain technology coupled with Security Token Offerings.

EFISA Funds Management Ltd is an Irish Evergreen fund raising company for multi sector companies.

TWEX Ltd is a UK company that is used for locating prospects in need of fund-raising services. Once a target is identified, the fund-raising effort will first be made by contacting our 80,000 plus accredited/qualified investors. If they are not interested, then the deal, can at a last resort, be presented to one of our Funding vehicles based on each owns separate criteria.

The TAG Group of Companies is mainly UK based with localized presence in countries such as Portugal, Holland, France, Ireland, Estonia, USA, Israel and India.

TAG Funds Management Oü, with registration code 14628147 is regulated as a Financial Institution in Estonia, Europe by the Financial Services Authorities under license number: FFA000369.

EFISA Funds Management Ltd – An Irish Company,  is an evergreen growth fund providing finance for innovative and expanding companies who create regional employment.