CARL Inc., Offering
Private Placement Convertible Bonds
Recommendation Buy
Currency Euro (€)
Use of funds Expansion
Sector Fintech
Key Market Data
Market Private Offering
Price per Bond €10,000
Number of Bonds for sale 300
Total €3,000,000
Company Valuation US$ 91million
Redemption Capital plus One Hundred percent in 5 years
Fiscal Year end 31st December
Company Objective Growth
Main Shareholders Management team

CARL Inc., €3m Convertible Bonds offering

Introduction: CARL has designed a new app that’s dedicated to finding the best hedge funds that offer retail investment options. It bundles these funds into a “fund of funds” and allows accredited investors to manage their portfolio of hedge funds.

Objective: CARL is on a mission to tear down barriers to access and democratize quantitative hedge funds investing in order to provide as many investors as possible with the most sophisticated technological investment opportunities, so that they can both benefit from the most profitable investment opportunities in the market and minimize their own risk through a diversified portfolio.

Opportunity: FinTech innovations are impacting many verticals of the financial services industry. This includes the hedge fund industry, which may look very different in the years to come. FinTech start-ups now offer hedge fund managers the ability to not only get the market sentiment across hundreds of media outlets globally but also across social media networks,  thus empowering a fund manager to understand the market sentiment and assist in the decision-making process. 

Purpose of Offer: CARL intend to use the net proceeds from sale of the securities for expansion of our business