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Clinical Trials Phase 1

Sector Medical
Key Market Data  
Market Private Offering
Price per Share €10
Number of shares for sale 2,500,000
Total 25,000,000.00€
Present Valuation €850,000,000
Term/Restrictions 3 years
Fiscal Year end 31st December
Company Objective Growth

Main Shareholders


GIO World Health Europe Ltd Management Team

Gio World Health S.A. – Sale of Common Shares

Under the guidance of Dr Anand Srivastava and Mr. Deven Patel, the GIOSTAR team are leveraging their 20 + years’ experience in the field of stem cell research and treating patients with adult stem cell-based therapy to take on degenerative diseases head-to-head attacking the root cause. More specifically through GIO WORLD HEALTH EUROPE S.A. (GWHSA) they area now addressing the therapeutic areas of:


  • Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2

  • Arthritis  


Over the last twenty-two years to date GIOSTAR have successfully treated over 20,000 patients in their seven owned and associated clinics worldwide.  


In the medium term GWHSA intend to carry out Phase 1, 2 & 3 clinical trials to establish treatment protocols and gain full EMA approval for stem cell usage to treat patients in all therapeutic areas. Having done so the aim is to gain recognition from healthcare authorities, providers, and insurers alike for reimbursement of treatment costs. This first raise is to fund phase 1 clinical trials. Based on past treatments and data, we estimate at less than a year for satisfactory completion of Phase 1 and start of Phase 2. This should ensure a nice increase in valuation.


GWHSA’s long term goal is to provide cost effective treatment for sufferers of all degenerative disease worldwide. This will show huge cost benefit against the cost of long term medication and provide enhanced quality of life to patients everywhere.