Modern Surf Manchester

Modern Surf Manchester Offering

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Use of funds

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Construction of facility

Sector Leisure
Key Market Data
Market Private Offering
Price per Share £1,000
Number of shares for sale 28,500
Total £28,500,000.00

Project Amount

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Already committed.

Estimated current asset value





Key features Equity investors to be offered 40% ordinary shares for £28.5m with option to sell shares back to company for £57m after a 5-year period.
Fiscal Year end 31st December
Company Objective Growth

Main Shareholders


100% Management Team

Modern Surf Manchester – 15 % cumulative redeemable ordinary share offering.

The Modern Surf project comprises the installation by strategic asset management and development specialist McKinney Group of a Wavegarden franchised surf park in Trafford Park, Stratford, Greater Manchester. Wavegarden appears to have developed the most versatile, energy efficient and highest capacity wave system in the world. The proprietary technology provides 900 waves per hour and can have 80 surfers on the water at any one time. It is arguably the closest experience to real ocean surfing available. The system is environmentally friendly and makes no noise other than the sounds of breaking waves.