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Cash & Carry Business

Established in 1989, this key northern distributor specializes in food, beverages, and hardware, servicing the HoReCa sector across three hubs, managing robust exports, and offering exclusive, valuable brands from a 25,000 sqm space.

Target Raise

EUR 70,000,000

Seafood Processing and Distribution Industry

Established in 2002, this prominent European seafood enterprise specializes in salt cod production and distribution. Renowned for its quality and sustainable practices, this family-operated business has over 20 years of experience. It is now looking to divest a majority stake for EUR 45M. With strong financials and strategic partnerships, it offers an appealing investment opportunity.

Target Raise

EUR 45,000,000


Discover Manchester’s heart with our unique attraction – an artificial wave pool. Immerse yourself in the closest experience to real ocean surfing, right in the city center. Surf’s up!

Target Raise

EUR 38,500,000

DALL·E 2024-04-08 19.25.58 - A photo of a hand pouring liquid from a clear glass tequila bottle into a tall glass. The bottle should be unbranded and generic with no visible logos

Specialist Tequila Distiller

A premium Tequila Brand, embodying Mexican Luxury heritage with a superior taste to the leading Brands. With four products already in production each product has a smooth delicate flavour. Distilled from the finest Blue Agave, offering connoisseurs a sublime sipping experience steeped in tradition.

Target Raise

EUR 11,000,000

Green Energy Production and associated activities (Hydrogen)

A UK Green Hydrogen Production Company with projects in Sub-Saharan,  Africa.

Phase 1: 10,000 hectares of land secured.

Target Raise

EUR 13,000,000

Creator/operator of multimedia visitor experiences

Blends creative expertise and proprietary software/hardware/data analysis to deliver interactive visitor experiences and boost revenue, reduce expenditure and enhance service quality for clients, including museums, art galleries, heritage and sporting sites.

Target Raise

EUR 6,000,000

Digital Healthcare

The Company offers portable Smart Clinics and Chairs where patients can access healthcare
providers at any convenient location. Equipped with eleven telediagnosis devices, providers
can remotely and fully examine their patients.

Target Raise

EUR 9,230,000

DALL·E 2024-04-04 14.37.58 - An advanced AI and IoT technology-based beverage vending machine suitable for offices, convenience stores, restaurants, and cafeterias. The machine is

Food and Beverage, IoT, AI.

An AI, IoT-based, pre-IPO company based in Cleveland OH, offers a new standard in wellness beverages for offices, c-stores, restaurants, and cafeterias. We are disrupting a $213B domestic fountain and ready-to-drink beverage industry.

Target Raise

EUR 8,600,000

Business Transformation Solution

A contact data exchange and management platform which finally solves the void in truly digitizing our business contact data for seamless exchange and helps to automate contact data ownership and management. In short, a necessary part of every company’s digital transformation.

Target Raise

EUR 800,000

AI Influencer

A cutting-edge influencer marketing company leveraging AI to connect brands with the most impactful influencers, maximising reach and engagement for targeted and effective campaigns. 

Target Raise

EUR 900,000

Design-to-Code solution

Our platform automates front-end development, producing clear and efficient code for various programming languages such as React, Angular, Vue, and more. Whether it’s for web apps or desktop applications, we deliver human-readable, production-ready code, streamlining the development process for diverse projects.

Target Raise

EUR 4,500,000



Dedicated to combating antimicrobial resistance, our company focuses on preventing life-threatening bacterial infections through innovative therapeutic vaccines. We strive to address the world’s most acute bacterial disease challenges with our next-generation vaccine solutions.

Target Raise

EUR 3,000,000

Foodtech and Fintech

Building digital infrastructure to enable small food businesses in Southeast Asia (SEA) to
grow their business. We are the market leaders in building tech for Food SMEs in Singapore
and have established a strong and trusted brand name among hawkers.

Target Raise

EUR 350,000

Technology - Data Management/ Data Visualisation

We turn spreadsheets into an interactive visual data management tool and app for knowledge workers.

Target Raise

EUR 410,000

hedge funds

Hedge Funds

The app tears down barriers blocking your access to the world of hedge fund investing, providing you with all the tools you need and a selection of investment strategies.

Target Raise 

EUR 3,000,000


Digitizing Small Food Business

A pioneering SaaS and tech-focused company with 6M in ARR is constructing infrastructure to facilitate the growth of small food businesses in Southeast Asia.

Secured SGD 1.7M as part of SGD 2M fundraising round.

Target Raise

EUR 2,000,000


University Focused Community Application

Explore a tailored social media for university students. Connect, collaborate, and thrive in a vibrant online community.

Target Raise

EUR 500,000

VR in
Real Estate

Virtual Reality (VR) walkthroughs are changing the game for real estate, offering brokers and developers a dynamic tool for showcasing properties. These immersive experiences allow for remote, detailed viewing, enhancing client engagement and streamlining the buying process.

Target Raise

EUR 500,000

E-Commerce- Consumer AI

Curated Hyperlocal Marketplace empowering Local Shops & Services with Discovery, Data and Deliveries across the Globe.

Target Raise

EUR 350,000

Fitness Marketplace Simplified​

The company enables customers to explore, review, compare and buy fitness centres & personal trainer memberships on a single platform. We aspire to provide a single e-commerce platform for the fitness industry for all its verticals.

Target Raise

EUR 100,000

SAAS in Retail

AI transforms everything, yet online size confusion persists. AI with We’ll revolutionise online shopping with AI. Letting customers scan/upload photos for tailored options: Loose, Fit, or Tight

Target Raise

EUR 120,000


Childrens Clothing

A children’s clothing and shoe shop offering an array of good quality items suitable for ages 0-12 years. Shoes, clothing, toys, accessories and more from large and local brands alike.

Target Raise

EUR 50,000

Going public

Embark on the journey of Going Public in the EU, UK or in the USA, leveraging our expertise and financial partners , accountants, auditors, attorneys.